Fedora Cloud SIG @ Flock 2013?

Posted on Tuesday, 14 May 2013 at 21:42 UTC
— Filed in Fedora
Just copying a (hopefully) motivational e-mail I just sent to the Fedora Cloud SIG mailing list regarding the upcoming Fedora contributors conference. Maybe it gets people outside the SIG motivated to get involved, too...

Registration and Call for Papers for Flock 2013 are open, yet there's not a single talk on actual Cloud SIG topics proposed (not counting the two talks where Cloud / OpenStack are mentioned as a tool).

Are there no topics to propose? Does nobody have anything to discuss? Is there nothing to hack on in a group? Nothing you would like to hear about? Feel free to suggest something if you don't wish to talk yourself and we'll see if we can find someone to step up.

My suggestion would probably be a discussion (talk? hackfest? workshop? sprint?) around the generic Fedora cloud images. What should they look like, how should they be built, how often should they be (re-)released, etc. Just my 5c, though as I'm not leading that effort (nor am I qualified to speak on it).

If anyone is interested, I could probably do something about Packstack (being a minor contributor and user) but there might be better qualified people (and I can't yet guarantee I'll be there). There any interest in such a session? What would you like to see covered?

Will OpenStack Havana Milestone 2 be packaged? If so, we could maybe do a preliminary Testing / QA session (and maybe some QA folks will help us, too) - like a test run for the next test day.

Who else has an idea or proposal? Sorry for being very OpenStack-heavy myself, other topics covered by the cloud SIG are welcome as well, of course.